For more than 20 years, working with various "Metals"
knowing every characters of them

Selecting optimal materials
"Designing" with a playful mind and experienced skills

Creating the "Works" that excites you
when I have time, little by little


METAL DESIGN WORKS has devoted over 20 years of honing its skills to provide camp enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts with the highest quality camping gear with a playful spirit.
Our machined products, such as the Xross cup, are a far cry from the mundane, mass-produced products that you can see and feel the beauty of real metal.
They are as beautiful as art in your hands, and they attract many fans with their outstanding comfort.

In order to provide joy and excitement when you hold our products in your hands, we value our passion and commitment to each and every meticulous process, from the selection of materials to processing and finishing.
We are thoroughly committed to the quality of our products, adding our long-cultivated techniques and meticulous manual work to bring out the beautiful design and fineness of cutting that can only be reproduced by machining, and to maximize the appeal of these features.

We hope that you will pick up one of our works so that your outdoor life spent with nature will be richer and more wonderful.